December 2015

  • Heidi does some VO ADR for the fabulous horror/zombie-compilation movie “Virus of the Dead”, produced by over 25 producers, including the award-wining (dir./wr./producer) John Penney!
  • Heidi travels to Santa Barbara to participate in a play reading of a play by Caroline Aaron, called "Such A Pretty Face"; which will be produced by Kevin Costner, as well as Aaron Semmel! Great cast & wonderful team they are assembling for this future production! It has to do with warped female body issues in today's society, & has a very meaningful message!! Wonderfully written Caroline! Congrats to all!
  • In the 1st yr. Anniversary for the website based on the movie,  “Unbroken”, the film asked people to post their most challenging moments up on their website called “#IamUnbroken”.  I shared my story up there from many years ago, of when I had to learn how to walk again…  My piece is called “Never Give Up!”, & the website is still posting inspiring stories from people all over the world! Here’s the link to their website: Please scroll down until you see my story’s title, and written by Heidi S.!  Thanks for reading!
  • Heidi participates in the partial reading of the comedic pilot “Normaltown”, written by Ton Pezone Clay, as part of the We Make Movies community. She plays an open-minded, funny, hippie chick! What a FUN character!