November 2015

  • Heidi books a part on the Cartoon Network’s cartoon called “We Bare Bears” as the recurring role of the forest ranger’s Mom! What a FUN cartoon, with some wonderful comedians as part of the cast! A terrific creator/director of the show, Daniel Chong! & a BIG thank you to CD, Kristi Reed!! Airing date will be posted on here, once it is known!
  • Heidi’s script “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is read as part of the Semi-Finalists of the We Make Movies Short Film Challenge! GREAT acting by actors, Elan Swanson, Thom Rivera & Geoffrey Gould narrating, this fun, fresh, & hilarious comedy! It was a close vote for all scripts involved in the evening, so, even though her script did not move on, she will be raising the funds to shoot this project in the near future. Still a win-win scenario!!
  • In the same evening, Heidi narrated another We Make Movies Short Film Challenge script; a comedy called “Happy Hour”, written by Christine Grail.  Great premise about the world of dating in the present day! Funny characters! Great job, Christine!
  • Heidi participated in wr/dir/actress Gabby Tary’s script “Cleaning House”, a political satire, at the Novel Café in Santa Monica.  She played the part of a curious & determined police detective, named Kathy Murdock.  A timely script about the elections, that takes place against the backdrop of some political murders.  Great cast, & script!
  • Heidi voices a character in great friend Ernie Charles’ hilarious short film, “I Think I Need a Drink”! This is a terrific piece written, produced & starring Ernie, and a full-on super cast of actors! He will be entering it into festivals soon! Look here for updates of specifics…
  • Heidi participates in another 2 We Make Movie Short Film Challenge scripts: The 1st script was a drama named “Coin”, written by Tehana Weeks about what a young woman’s experience dealing with poverty. Powerful story, Tehana! The 2nd script was a poignant story named “Lost & Found”, written by Dawn Sam Alden, that dealt with the reuniting of 2 sisters that had lost each other through fated circumstances. Beautiful story & characters! Great job, Dawn!
  • Heidi was involved in the reading of the supernatural script “The Coal Bin”, written by Geoffrey Gould, as part of the We Make Movies community.  She narrated this powerful story of intrigue & revenge! Wonderful writing & characters!!