June 2016 - LOTS OF BUZZ...

  • Heidi books & narrates ALL the voices for an amazing feature film script, written by (dir/writer) Jason Lehel.  I can’t say anything more about the project, but I can say it is a fantastic script, with fascinating characters!  This was a GREAT workout!!  Huge Congrats, Jason!


  • During the month of June, the We Make Movies community has their own film festival, which takes place in conjunction with the L.A. Theatre Fringe Festival, called The We Make Movies Film Fest!                   
  • HEIDI IS OUT & ABOUT TOWN, IN SUPPORT OF THE WMM FILM FEST:                                                                                                            Heidi supports fab friends Kelly Mullis, Brian Gaskill, Art Chongchitnant & Chad Kukahiko, Chris Valenti, David Beatty, Zack Van Eyck, & Canadian WMMer Matthew MacFadzean’s short films at the 3rd week of the WMM Film Fest:                                                              
  • Of the films shown, Heidi worked as Production Gal (asst. Art Dir. & Prod’n asst.) on (wr/dir/DP/actress) Kelly Mullis’ short film “Madison”.  Great story, acting & visuals in this kick ass film!  Huge Congrats, Kelly!!      
  • Also, the short film that Heidi did Script Supervising on from last Oct., the hilarious “Table Read” by (wr/dir/actor) Chris Valenti, showed in the film fest – The writing & characters in this short film were so funny, that the audience had to catch their breaths at times, from laughing so hard! Now, that’s a reaction from the audience you want! Great premise & super Fun! Congrats, Chris!                                                  
  • The remaining films/shows were:                                                          “Get Spy” – Created & written by David Beatty = the hilarious web series continues! The ending episode of the series is super funny! Can’t wait for another season of this show!                                           Art Chongchitnant (wr/dir/DP)  & Chad Kukahiko’s (wr/dir) intense short film “Interrogation”. =This short was acted & shot beautifully! It had a terrific story as well!                                                                    “Pining Away” - Directed by Brian Gaskill, a terrific music video!                                                                                                          "Coitus of the Week" - Written, created, directed & produced by Zack Van Eyck =a satirical comedy.                                                                ”Dorthy’s Secret” - Written & directed by Matthew MacFadzean = poignant story of a woman recounting her life – such a cool premise!   Congrats all!        


  • Heidi supports great friends Ernie Charles, Chris Valenti, David Beatty, Patrick Duncan, Christine & Robert DiTillio, and Jasmine Marie’s short films at the 2nd week of the WMM Film Fest:                                                                                                                       
  • Of the films shown, Heidi voiced a character in (wr/prod/actor) Ernie Charles' comedic short film, "I Think I Need a Drink", & is seen again in season 2, Epis. 1 of (creator/wr/actor) David Beatty's funny web series "Get Spy" as it's shown to a new audience; Heidi is seen as the "betting-on-the-fights" kind of "chick", Bonnie!                                                                                                       
  • The remaining films/shows were:                                                               “Misery Date” – written & directed by Patrick Duncan= Super funny about an over-protective Dad!                                                             “The Honesty Trial”, “The Most Miserable Man in the World” (also wr. by John Mickevich), & "The Average Middle Aged White Male Comedian's Plight Against Hollywood" - all written & directed by Chris Valenti = All were hilarious!                                                                    “Attack of the Film Festivals” -  (actors) Christine & Robert DiTillio starred in this comedy =which won for Best Short Comedy at The Burbank International Film Festival last yr!                                          “Don’t Mind the Cat” – wr/dir/produced by Jasmine Marie = a comedy about the old adage “Don’t trust the cat”… Very cute!                          Congrats All!


  • Heidi supports (wr/dir/actor) Chris Mollica’s comedic feature film, “In the Mix” at the 1st week of the WMM Film Fest:  Very funny premise & characters! Congrats, Chris!


  • HEIDI IS OUT & ABOUT IN SUPPORT OF THE FRINGE THEATRE FEST:                                                                                                           
  • Heidi will be checking out WMMer Jack Zullo’s show “Live From the Grave, It’s John Belushi” in the end of June… She can’t wait to see that, since she’s a huge fan of SNL!                                                                      
  • Heidi supports fellow WMMer Alison Youngberg’s produced Fringe show, “The Gentrification Cycle”!  Great acting in this show; terrific production, Alison! Congrats to you!                                                              
  • Heidi supports fellow WMMers Fringe show, "Up Down, Stick Stuck" by (wr/actors) Stina Pederson, Dawn Sam Alden, & brendan Weinhold. This was collaborative writing at it's best, & wonderfully developed characters! Congrats to all!                                                                                                             

May 2016 - Busy Bee Month!

  • Heidi gets involved in the shoot of a short film called “Happy Hour” by (wr/prod/actress) Christina Grail, co-produced by Amy Lloyd, & directed by Ambika Leigh! Heidi acts as 2nd A.D. on this truly lovely project about giving love a chance, the 2nd time around for the 2 female lead characters.  What a FAB set, cast, & crew! Congrats Christina & Amy!                                                                                               
  • Heidi participates in the partial script reading of the hilarious feature film, “Super Womb”, by (wr/actress) Amy Dax as part of the We Make Movies community!  Heidi got to play one half of a lesbian couple expecting their first baby… but something’s amiss about the techniques the gynecologist uses, & whackiness ensues! Amazingly funny writing, with wonderful female characters throughout this piece! Super great job, Amy!                                                                                  
  • Heidi supports great friend (wr./dir./actor) David Beatty’s screening of his comedic web series “Get Spy”.  It screened both Season 1 & 2 at this Red Carpet affair, celebrating its’ success! Heidi was in Season 2’s - Episode 1, as the “betting-on-the-fights” kind of a “chick”, Bonnie! This is a great show, & they had a terrific screening! (For more updates about this web series, plse. check back!)  Major Congrats David!                                                                                                           
  • Heidi gets another opportunity to work with the amazing creator of “Galactic Galaxy” this month; this time, stepping in as the Script Supervisor for their last day of shooting! Definitely will post about coming screenings of the 100% finished product! Please check back for more updated info. about this project!                                                  
  • Heidi shoots a super fun part in the futuristic web series “Galactic Galaxy”, by visionary (wr/dir/prod) Anthony Ferraro! The whole look & feel of this piece is amazing Sci-Fi at its’ best!! A Fab cast & crew, all-around!! (Plus, Heidi got to wear a boa-feathered dress that belonged to Phyllis Diller! – Awesome!!) This web series also showed a short film version about the series in May at the Dances With Films film festival! Congrats Anthony!                                                                      
  • Heidi participates in the partial script reading of the comedic web series “Headliners’, by (wr/actress) Serene Zloof, as part of the We Make Movies community! Very funny look into the life of a female rap artist, & the whole culture of that world! Super funny premise, Serene!       
  • Heidi participates in the script reading of the poignant short film "Coin", by (wr/actress) Tehana Weeks, as part of the We Make Movies community! This was a very moving story, & it had great female characters in it! Terrific writing, Tehana!                                                       
  • Heidi performs the role of April in a portion of “Savage in Limbo” as part ofthe We Make Movies “Up On Your Feet” night! A Huge Thank You goes to great friend John Beaton Hill, who directed this piece, & who offered his time & amazing insight into this character!  This project is already in pre-production to be shot, and dates & info. of what competitions it will be entered into, will be posted once there are definite dates!  Plse. check back!!


  • Heidi participates in the hilariously funny partial script reading of (dir/wr/actress) Jenny Fahn’s “To Pleasure a Princess”! Fab story, really witty dialogue, hilarious characters, as part of the We Make Movies community! It was a joy to be a part of this one!  Great job, Jennie!                         
  • Heidi participates in the reading of (wr/actor) Steve Brock’s short film script “Sound of Silemce”, as the “relationship surrogate” Theresa Smith, who helps the lead character come out of a shock, & back into reality, as part of the We Make Movies community.  Moving story & great characters, Steve!                                                                                  
  • Heidi participated in feature film script reading of (wr./dir./actor) Harris Shore’s WWII drama, called “Killing Klaus”. It’s the true story of lead character, Michel Goldberg’s, revenge that he has held for a Nazi cold-blooded killer, Klaus Barbie, who was responsible for thousands of Jews’ deaths in France during the War.  Michel must assassinate the infamous Barbie in revenge for Goldberg’s father’s death at Auschwitz. Powerful & amazingly written script, Harris!  Very psyched to be a part of this!

March Madness

  • Heidi presented the Winner of the Best Supporting Actress 2016 award at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2016, since she Won this award last year for the comedic film “Desk Job” written by (wr./dir.) Jason Eaken, for portraying 3 separate characters.  A HUGE thank you goes to this cool festival’s creator, Mark Mos! Great festival w/ FAB films!
  •  Great friend (wr./dir./actor) David Beatty’s comedic web series  “Get Spy” is airing its’ Season Two on 3/29th! Heidi will be in Episode 1, so look for her in this first episode!  She plays a “betting-on-the-fights” kind of a “chick”, Bonnie! Great show, & FUN part! Congrats David!
  • Heidi participates in the partial reading of a new pilot by Toni Pezone Clay called “Jersey Bounce”, as part of the We Make Movies community.  She narrated this amazingly funny script, which was about some N.J. “fellas” & the trouble they get into.  FAB script, Toni!
  • Heidi participates in the final eve. of the We Make Movies Short Film Challenge where the 6 Finalists’ scripts were narrowed down to a long-awaited winner: Chris Valenti's comedic short film, "Subtext" wins with a very funny script, about dating in today's modern age! Congrats, Chris! I'm sure it will be made into an awesome film! :-)!                   
  • Before the decision was made, all 6 scripts were re-read... Heidi played the character of the news reporter in (wr./actor) Chris Kohl’s comedic short film “The Luck of Angus Derby”.  This funny short looked at true love & death in a very interesting way!
  • Heidi acted as AD on (wr./dir./actress) Kelly Mullis’ short film “Madison”.  This film has a well-written story, terrific characters, & great acting! Dates will be posted when she is having her official opening/screening of the film on here! Congrats
  • Heidi supports great friend (wr./dir/) John Beaton Hill’s dramatic short film called “Highway”, that screened as part of the We Make Movies Screening Series.  This piece has a great story, terrific acting, & was beautifully shot & directed! Great film, John! Congrats!!
  • Heidi also supports terrific friend (wr./dir./actor) David Beatty’s screening of his funny but poignant feature film called “Surviving New Years”, as part of the We Make Movies Screening Series as well.  This film had a great extended cast, witty writing, & a very interesting story!  Congrats David!


  • Heidi participated in the full script reading of (wr./dir.) Toni Pezone Clay’s comedic pilot, “Normaltown”.  This took place in Topanga Canyon, where the beginnings of the project are now scheduled to be shot in May 2016.  Heidi plays the open-minded, funny, hippie chick, named “Summer”! What a FUN character!
  • Heidi supports great friend, (wr./dir./actor) Chris Valenti’s screening of his very funny comedy “The Honesty Trial”, in time for Valentine’s day. The story looks up close at the beginnings of a challenged relationship, & was part of Playhouse West’s annual film festival. Hilarious writing, acting, & cast! Congrats Chris!
  • Heidi participates in the partial script reading of apocalyptic film of (wr./dir./prod.) Chad Kukahiko, called “Last Days”, as part of the We Make Movies community.  Heidi portrayed a character that is trying to survive during this horrific new world… It had a very profound writing, a great cast, & a very cool story!
  • Heidi participates in the reading of the comedic short film “Resolution”, written by Michael Russnow, as part of the We Make Movies community. Heidi played an empathetic friend to the hilariously neurotic lead character! Great writing!
  • The short film Heidi script supervised on back in Oct. 2015, called “The Table Read”, by wr./dir./actor Chris Valenti, screened as part of the We Make Movies “What’s Next” screening series.  To re-cap: his hilarious short was part of the WMM iPhone Challenge, where a short has to be shot, edited, and uploaded in 48 hours! Look for updates about future screening dates, &/or festivals here…   
  • Also, wr./prod/actor, Ernie Charles’s short film “I Think I Need a Drink” screened as part of the WMM “What’s Next” screening series as well.  Heidi voiced a character in this comedic short film! Again, look here for updates of specifics, with regards to future festival screenings…