• Heidi was a part of and shot the short film “Let There Be Peace”, directed by (dir./actor) Donald Watson. Heidi plays a showgirl that has seen it all. It’s a profound piece that makes a statement about what’s needed today… more Peace in the world!  Don is a great director, & it has a wonderful cast! We’re psyched to see this finished project!
  • Heidi participated in the script reading of “Scrap”, a poignant & dramatic piece, written by (actress/wr.) Vivian Kerr, as part of the We Make Movies community.  Heidi got to play a 4 yr-old little girl! This is where Heidi’s VO skills are fun to apply to these kinds of imaginative roles!
  • Heidi participates in a partial script reading of “Cleaning House”, written by Gabby Tary, a political satire, as part of the We Make Movies community.  Heidi plays the part of a curious & determined police detective, named Kathy Murdock.