August 2015

•Heidi shoots an amazing short film called "The Rescue", with award-winning (dir./writer) Andy Leo. She is very grateful to be included in this awesome film! Heidi plays a Mom whose son has asthma, & they will need rescuing from a plane disaster...The location was a stage that had a full-on fuselage in there (2 planes put together..)!... Terrific crew, & fellow actors!  An all-around awesome project!

•Heidi's 1st DirecTV commercial starts to run throughout cable & DirecTV stations. Here is the link again:

ªHeidi’s 2nd DirecTV commercial (w/ Steve Carrell) starts running on network TV. Here is the link again:

•Heidi participates in the partial script reading of a new futuristic feature film called "H2O" by writers Jennifer Lamar & Marc Peterson: (Very cool idea!), & the script reading of Patrick Duncan's hilarious short film, "Fluid", both projects with the We Make Movies community

•Heidi continues to work with an interested Producer in her comedy pilot "The Lollipup Gang". More details to be revealed, when can discuss more...