September 2015

  • Heidi's short film "Desk Job" (which Won at 2015's L.A Short Film Festival for Best Short Film (for dir. Jason Eaken), Best Actor (Pat Healy), Best Supporting Actor & Heidi, for Best Supporting Actress!), is psyched to be a part of this month's We Make Movies Screening Series!
  • Heidi was involved this month in a shoot of a great project: a FAB webseries called "Get Spy", written by actor/writer David Beatty: Such a fun set & premise for this episode! The cast & crew, especially David Beatty, are stellar to work with!
  • Heidi attends the Action On Film Festival to support great friend (filmmaker/writer) John Beaton Hill's film "The Wolves of Savin Hill", which has been nominated for 3 awards!  Will post here about other future screenings of this great film… Congrats John!
  • The film that began last Nov., written by Joseph Dougherty (wr/prod. of "Pretty Little Liars"), called "What's Your Opinion of Memory?", finally shot it's conclusion this mo.! Thanks to dir. Glenn Thomas & actor Todd Cattell, it finally happened! Heidi is very grateful for being involved in this poignant story by Joseph Dougherty!
  • Here is the link to the WYOM FB page that has the newest photos of the cast & director shooting on Santa Monica beach, as well as earlier pics from last year’s beginning of this project:  (To find the newest uploads on this page for the most recent shoot’s (Sept’s) pics; plse. look on the left hand side of the page, & click…)
  • Heidi attends the Burbank Intern'l Film Festival to support friends Chris Valenti & Miriam Meyer, who both contributed their talents to a film collaboration of 12 shorts in the festival. Chris's short "The Honesty Trial", & Miriam's composing were involved in this very cool feat!
  • Also, friends Christine & Robert DiTillio were a part of the same fest, in the mockumentary "Attack of the Film Festivals"... Both films won awards!
  • Heidi participates in the partial script reading of a new comedic feature film called "Killers Anonymous" by writer Jason Holtham: (Fabulous writing, characters, & premise!), & Jack Zullo's action comedy "Ex No More", where Heidi got to play an assassin-like agent! Fun!... Both projects with the We Make Movies community.