May 2016 - Busy Bee Month!

  • Heidi gets involved in the shoot of a short film called “Happy Hour” by (wr/prod/actress) Christina Grail, co-produced by Amy Lloyd, & directed by Ambika Leigh! Heidi acts as 2nd A.D. on this truly lovely project about giving love a chance, the 2nd time around for the 2 female lead characters.  What a FAB set, cast, & crew! Congrats Christina & Amy!                                                                                               
  • Heidi participates in the partial script reading of the hilarious feature film, “Super Womb”, by (wr/actress) Amy Dax as part of the We Make Movies community!  Heidi got to play one half of a lesbian couple expecting their first baby… but something’s amiss about the techniques the gynecologist uses, & whackiness ensues! Amazingly funny writing, with wonderful female characters throughout this piece! Super great job, Amy!                                                                                  
  • Heidi supports great friend (wr./dir./actor) David Beatty’s screening of his comedic web series “Get Spy”.  It screened both Season 1 & 2 at this Red Carpet affair, celebrating its’ success! Heidi was in Season 2’s - Episode 1, as the “betting-on-the-fights” kind of a “chick”, Bonnie! This is a great show, & they had a terrific screening! (For more updates about this web series, plse. check back!)  Major Congrats David!                                                                                                           
  • Heidi gets another opportunity to work with the amazing creator of “Galactic Galaxy” this month; this time, stepping in as the Script Supervisor for their last day of shooting! Definitely will post about coming screenings of the 100% finished product! Please check back for more updated info. about this project!                                                  
  • Heidi shoots a super fun part in the futuristic web series “Galactic Galaxy”, by visionary (wr/dir/prod) Anthony Ferraro! The whole look & feel of this piece is amazing Sci-Fi at its’ best!! A Fab cast & crew, all-around!! (Plus, Heidi got to wear a boa-feathered dress that belonged to Phyllis Diller! – Awesome!!) This web series also showed a short film version about the series in May at the Dances With Films film festival! Congrats Anthony!                                                                      
  • Heidi participates in the partial script reading of the comedic web series “Headliners’, by (wr/actress) Serene Zloof, as part of the We Make Movies community! Very funny look into the life of a female rap artist, & the whole culture of that world! Super funny premise, Serene!       
  • Heidi participates in the script reading of the poignant short film "Coin", by (wr/actress) Tehana Weeks, as part of the We Make Movies community! This was a very moving story, & it had great female characters in it! Terrific writing, Tehana!                                                       
  • Heidi performs the role of April in a portion of “Savage in Limbo” as part ofthe We Make Movies “Up On Your Feet” night! A Huge Thank You goes to great friend John Beaton Hill, who directed this piece, & who offered his time & amazing insight into this character!  This project is already in pre-production to be shot, and dates & info. of what competitions it will be entered into, will be posted once there are definite dates!  Plse. check back!!