March Madness

  • Heidi presented the Winner of the Best Supporting Actress 2016 award at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2016, since she Won this award last year for the comedic film “Desk Job” written by (wr./dir.) Jason Eaken, for portraying 3 separate characters.  A HUGE thank you goes to this cool festival’s creator, Mark Mos! Great festival w/ FAB films!
  •  Great friend (wr./dir./actor) David Beatty’s comedic web series  “Get Spy” is airing its’ Season Two on 3/29th! Heidi will be in Episode 1, so look for her in this first episode!  She plays a “betting-on-the-fights” kind of a “chick”, Bonnie! Great show, & FUN part! Congrats David!
  • Heidi participates in the partial reading of a new pilot by Toni Pezone Clay called “Jersey Bounce”, as part of the We Make Movies community.  She narrated this amazingly funny script, which was about some N.J. “fellas” & the trouble they get into.  FAB script, Toni!
  • Heidi participates in the final eve. of the We Make Movies Short Film Challenge where the 6 Finalists’ scripts were narrowed down to a long-awaited winner: Chris Valenti's comedic short film, "Subtext" wins with a very funny script, about dating in today's modern age! Congrats, Chris! I'm sure it will be made into an awesome film! :-)!                   
  • Before the decision was made, all 6 scripts were re-read... Heidi played the character of the news reporter in (wr./actor) Chris Kohl’s comedic short film “The Luck of Angus Derby”.  This funny short looked at true love & death in a very interesting way!
  • Heidi acted as AD on (wr./dir./actress) Kelly Mullis’ short film “Madison”.  This film has a well-written story, terrific characters, & great acting! Dates will be posted when she is having her official opening/screening of the film on here! Congrats
  • Heidi supports great friend (wr./dir/) John Beaton Hill’s dramatic short film called “Highway”, that screened as part of the We Make Movies Screening Series.  This piece has a great story, terrific acting, & was beautifully shot & directed! Great film, John! Congrats!!
  • Heidi also supports terrific friend (wr./dir./actor) David Beatty’s screening of his funny but poignant feature film called “Surviving New Years”, as part of the We Make Movies Screening Series as well.  This film had a great extended cast, witty writing, & a very interesting story!  Congrats David!